ISO 9001

This certification is scoped to the certification of a product line of goods and/or services to the quality management system of the company, the CIAL guarantees that the company has implemented the best practices of global quality ISO established in the ISO 9000 standard series. This mode allows to declare conformity certification of quality management system of a company (product manufacturer of service) with respect to the Venezuelan ISO 9001 requirements. Achieving that different types of industries in different locations and Systems Quality Management defined, can be certified with the bases of a specific set of criteria to strengthen the degree of confidence in the customer supplier relationships.


The mark of conformity FONDONORMA is a proper seal of the Association by which the manufacturer demonstrates that their products comply continuously with a specific technical standard, either foreign, regional or international. This certification expands the possibilities for companies interested in entering certain markets with quality products in accordance with an international standard or specific exporting country.

The products that have the FONDONORMA conformity mark, have facilities to compete in national or international markets. This mark can prove continued compliance with technical standards to government agencies or clients in general. With this certification, the contractual relationship between the buyer and supplier in different industrial sectors and the government sector are strengthened.

FONDONORMA conformity mark open doors of new markets and helps to continuously improve processes in companies turn to achieve customer satisfaction and profitability of their products is obtained.

Platinum 9000 certification

Is awarded when the company maintains two certifications, one for its quality system ISO 90001-2008 and a certification for the product or service on accordance with rule 542 FONDONORMA.


Master Circuito, C.A is a member of FONDONORMA which is a certifying body with global coverage through International Certification Network IQNET, through which is offered their services of worldwide certification, counting on 5000 10000 auditors and technical experts qualified in all industrial and economic sectors. IQNET integrates the major certifiers with more than 150 subsidiaries around the world and with 40 accreditations. Upon receiving the FONDONORMA certificate, its also awarded the IQNET certificate, giving certification to a global character to be supported by its members which we established the international certification agency with more than 30 certificates granted worldwide.