Master Circuito C.A, a company dedicated to the development and application of “High Tecnology” in making “Electrical Boards”, which are subjected to the most rigorous testing and controls through the most modern concepts as is “Total Quality”. Specifically, our task is the manufacture of protection boards and electrical control systems. It was founded in April 1990 by people with over 25 years of experience in the field. Its located in the Industrial Zone I of Barquisimeto (351 Km from Caracas) on Calle 25 with Carrera 5, with warehouses specially equipped for the company, with an area of 6,200 m2, of wich 2,600 m2 correspond to the factory, 600 m2 to offices, 400 m2 and 30 m2 storage rooms for the laboratory. We offer to our customers a wide range of protection boards, control and power distribution COVENIN manufactured under National Regulations and International as ANSI, IEC and NEMA. Our management staff consists of professionals in electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and management and marketing science with over 25 years of experience in this field, that have decided to accept the challenge imposed on us by the new Venezuela, to provide you the best products at the best price.

We are active members of: National Association of Manufacturers Electrical Board (ANATAVE), Venezuelan Chamber Italiana (CAVENIT), Fund for Standardization and Quality Certification (FONDONORMA), Civil Association of Investment Promotion State Lara (PROINLARA), House of State small Medium Industrial Lara (CAPMIL) and Chamber of Commerce of Lara State.

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From now Master Circuit joins the Twitter community. You can follow us through our official account as @mastercircuito.

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Master Circuit debuts C.A account Instagram can find our account and all information on @mastercircuito.

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ISO 9001

This certification is scoped to the certification of a product line of goods and/or services to the quality management system of the company, the CIAL guarantees that the company has implemented the best practices of global quality ISO established in the ISO 9000 standard series. This mode allows to declare conformity certification of quality management system of a company (product manufacturer of service) with respect to the Venezuelan ISO 9001 requirements. Achieving that different types of industries in different locations and Systems Quality Management defined, can be certified with the bases of a specific set of criteria to strengthen the degree of confidence in the customer supplier relationships.